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MacDec Tea-Tray Holds Keyboard as well as Trackpad

Posted in February 23rd, 2011
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MacDec Tea-Tray Holds Keyboard as well as Trackpad

Thodio, builder of the Furby-like moveable iBox speaker, will right away sell you a €100 tea-tray customized to hold an Apple set of keys and trackpad. The MacDec trays, in timber ($138) or acrylic ($165), have been carved or machined with hollows which hold a set of keys and pad in a laptop-style T-shape, for make use of upon a lap or a table. They also use neodymium magnets to keep the peripherals in place, although last time I looked, aluminum wasn’t the element that stuck to magnets.

It’s a sincerely utilitarian product, if costly, but a purpose of this post is to wonder why these things exist. The a single viewable make use of box is a media-center Mac, but how many of those have been there really?

There has been the new flurry of these holders, in the T-shape seen here as well as also in a some-more common side-by-side configuration (Twelve South’s MagicWand), so somebody sees this as the renowned market. I prefer a laptop layout, as I don’t have to move my palm to carry out a cursor. I also find it incredibly comfortable to sort with the tiny Apple aluminum set of keys upon my lap while in the easy chair or upon a floor, promulgation content to my iPad. But so far, for computer make use of at least, these assorted products don’t quite work, however good done they may be.

Any ideas? I have no answer, other than that this is the non-problem which doesn’t need to be sole. Maybe there are the ton of media-center Macs out there after all? Suggestions, if you have them, in the comments.

MacDec product page [Thodio]


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