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Spider Holster Adds Arca-Swiss Mount, Third-Party Belt Support

Posted in June 8th, 2010
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Spider Holster Adds Arca-Swiss Mount, Third-Party Belt Support

The Spider Holster people have combined the boxful of accessories to their belt-mounted camera-carrier, vouchsafing photographers cling to their cameras upon belts from various alternative manufacturers as well as in all have their DSLRs some-more secure.

The Spider Holster, you will recollect, is not a approach to keep an arachnid close during palm for a little humerous entertainment mom-scaring movement. It is instead a really sturdy steel joint that that sits during your hip as well as lets you firmly cling to your camera, ready for use, around a pin in the tripod hollow.

Previously, you could make use of your unchanging ol’ belt or a Spider Holster Belt. Now you can buy adapters to use a holster upon a Lowepro Street as well as Field Belt, a ThinkTank Pro-Speed Belt as well as a ThinkTank Steroid belt. Who knew there were so most nerdy photographers’ belts?

In further to these adapters, which have been often $20 as well as often strips of metal that wrap around a belts as well as screw onto a Spider Holster, there is an Arca-Swiss tripod adapter (made by Arcatech, $40) which screws into a Spider Plate upon a bottom of a camera as well as lets you fast go from leather belt to tripod.

Finally there is the wrist-strap D-ring ($6), that screws onto a image as well as gives the steel hoop to which you can attach the wrist tag. This is the pretty great idea, as regulating the regular neck-strap with a camera hanging from your hip is the recipe for comical trips as well as tumbles.

If you’re not informed with this total Spider commercial operation, check out the examination. In short: you favourite it.

Spider Holster Accessories [Spider Holster. Thanks, Zach!]


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