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Kodak PlaySport Zx3 waterproof HD camera examination

Posted in May 27th, 2010
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Kodak PlaySport Zx3 waterproof HD camera examination

We have copiousness of gripes with a current stand of slot cameras, many of them to do with image quality: grainy footage, bad (laughable) low-light performance, a miss of autofocus, digital wizz, gimmicky 1080p, as well as so onward. The brand-new Kodak PlaySport Zx3 HD Waterproof Video Camera solves nothing of those problems. But you can put it underwater. So, all is forgiven. Follow after the break for our full review.


Kodak PlaySport Zx3 waterproof HD camera examination

This might be the the one preferred pocket camera hardware design yet, for a sheer drop-ability of the setup. Kodak has roughly completely finished divided with tough, glossy plastic (outside of the bit nearby a top, surrounding a lens) as well as has the soft-touch exterior across many of this camera which screams “dump me on the path, I guarantee not to mangle.” We calm ourselves, though it’s still the good certainty upholder. The camera additionally feels better in hand ergonomically than many of these shooters, yet you must put in our aged person two cents and mention that you still find a routine of land the camera honest in a single palm rather ungainly for you do video.

Kodak’s biggest explain to celebrity here is the waterproof pattern, with a little heavy duty locking doors covering over a ports, battery, and SD label. Of march, we didn’t just take Kodak’s word for it: you submerged the camera. Check it out from a camera’s view below.

Pretty stirring, right? An engaging aspect of the materials of the camera is which it feels almost wholly dry only seconds after we pull it out of a water, and positively isn’t slippery or even difficult to work.

Of march, the tradeoff is that you have to open a door to get at any of the ports, as well as a camera is additionally limited from a little of a fancier facilities of the siblings, like external mic submit or a macro switch.

Software interface

Kodak PlaySport Zx3 waterproof HD camera examination

Kodak walks the line between the dumb-as-dirt Flip and the overly complicated (for most) Toshiba Camileo S20, with fairly a uncomplicated as well as viewable operation, but sufficient options as well as buttons to upset some. Our least favorite partial stays the 4-way d-pad, that offers the poser meat approach of handling camera wizz, becoming different fortitude, as well as switching to stills mode.

When you dive into a settings menu you’ve got about a 50 / 50 possibility of figuring out what an icon equates to, since Kodak has forgone putting words next to the graphics, though luckily there’s unequivocally not as well most to change from a default.

Video / camera extravagant
Remember when you said nothing’s new here? We meant it. The camera offers fundamentally a exact same 1080p image quality of the Zi8 (which Kodak will be gripping around for sale), since it’s built around a same sensor. The greatest disproportion between a cameras is a macro mode on a Zi8, that we unequivocally would have appreciated, as well as a line-in jack — another big plus for that camera, but that would’ve been the difficult fit on the waterproof number like this a single.

Overall, you’re getting this camera for the imperishable and waterproof aspects, and during those points a camera performs splendidly. Eventually we hope Kodak starts to innovate in a image peculiarity locus as good, as well as we sure hope they can conduct to avoid a arrange of form cause misstep the Flip Slide HD turned out, though for right away a association is putting out an considerable streak of wallet-friendly pocket cameras, and the Zx3 is no exception.


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