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ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

Posted in December 1st, 2010
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ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

We’ve been energetically waiting for iPhone cases with built-in keyboards to hit ever since iOS 4 combined Bluetooth await, but they simply haven’t materialized like we’d hoped — in actuality, ThinkGeek’s TK-421 box is the first to strike a marketplace, scarcely eight months after iOS 4 was initial announced. Now that it’s eventually here, we’ve got to ask — is this thing a ultimate iPhone accessory? Does the iPhone essentially need the set of keys? Does flipping open automatically have something overwhelming? Read on to find out.
ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone keyboard case review

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

The TK-421 is an peculiar small beast — a keyboard flips out clockwise, instead of shifting or folding open. Unless you’re land the phone in landscape with the button on the left, that means a shade rotation is compulsory — not a large understanding, though a passing from one to another that can check grab-and-go typing. It also means that you have to open the phone to make use of a camera, given a keyboard half blocks the lens whilst closed. It primarily appeared that opening a keyboard woke a iPhone display automatically, though that’s not actually a case — it’s easy for keys to be incidentally get pushed when they slide past a top part of the box during a open suit, as well as that’s what actually triggers the screen. We’d have liked to see this functionality implemented for real, though.

Size-wise, well, the TK-421 is pretty enormous. The actual case around the iPhone is of normal size, though a keyboard is far from svelte, as well as there’s a poignant gap between the two halves — you’re radically doubling a size of your phone. You’ve also got to deal with the incredibly massive hinge, which justs out permanently from the right side of a phone, making both right- as well as left-handed use uncomfortable. On a and side, the TK-421 is light as a feather — it hardly adds any weight to a phone during all. Just size. Lots as well as lots of size.

Let’s speak about which hinge a little more — it’s pretty flimsy. From what we can tell, it’s hold together by a single pin, as well as the dual halves lock into possibly place when dual magnets upon either side of the pin align. It’s the clever solution which feels fast enough once you’ve got it open, though the outrageous amount of wobble and bend doesn’t enthuse as well most certainty — and it feels almost comically easy to break when closed given the opening in between halves is so large.

ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone set of keys box examination

Once you’ve got it open, a keyboard itself is excellent — it interconnected right up to our iPhone and worked without emanate. Typing feel is serviceable for a hard plastic keyboard, we suppose, but a blueprint is distressing. The delete key is subsequent to a space club, as well as a Enter key is kicked way off next to a duration key — both concessions to space, we suppose, though that doesn’t insist why there have been virtually invalid Control and Alt keys that do. Then there are a function labels, which appear to have been copied from a Mac keyboard but mapped rather at random — a arrow keys work, as do a volume keys, though a Home pass is actually an old-school word estimate Home as well as not, you know, an iPhone Home. There’s additionally an Expose tag, which is lovable as well as useless, and a set of brightness keys which heartbreakingly do zero. And just to supplement insult to all this damage, the pass labels themselves have been painted upon quite sloppily and don’t line up — check out a T, Y, U, as well as I keys just floating away in a design on top of. Whoops.

Let’s just end this here, lest you turn too impressed by despair — the TK-421 is all of 50 bucks, after all, as well as if you’re totally unfortunate for an iPhone set of keys case it’ll probably do a pursuit. Turns out we’re not utterly as desperate for an iPhone keyboard case as we suspicion, though — we’d suggest flitting upon a TK-421 as the first-generation newness and waiting for something the small more thoughtfully written to show up. Boxwave Keyboard Buddy, you’re up subsequent.

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