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Somfy’s sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Posted in January 4th, 2011
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Somfys sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Apparently fed up with a fragmented state of home automation resolution, Somfy, best well known for its selection of automatic window coverings, just voiced an programmed home gateway of its own. TaHomA (get it? Total Home Automation) is really most the device like Mi Casa Verde’s Vera, usually with what looks to be a much slicker Home Motion UI as well as await for Somfy’s exclusive wireless RTS information exchange protocol in further to Z-Wave. Unlike MCV, however, Somfy is taking the some-more managed proceed by charity an consultant setup option performed by certified dealers. After that, you’ll be means to conduct all of your wireless apparatus modules as well as involuntary scenes from anywhere in a universe — around PC, iPad, or iPhone — interjection to Somfy’s remote await server. You can regularly make changes to Tahoma yourself or ask a play to do it on-site or remotely. Tahoma is set to launch in a US sometime in the first entertain half of 2011 for an undisclosed price. We’ll see what we can do about getting a little hands-on time with it right here during CES prior to then.
Somfy’s sharp Tahmoa Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Somfys sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Somfys sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Somfys sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Somfys sharp Tahoma Z-Wave as well as RTS home industrialisation gateway

Show full PR textSomfy Launches TaHomA® Comprehensive Home Automation Solution

TaHomA Gives Consumers Simple and Economical Solution for Automating the Control of Window Coverings, Lighting, as well as Thermostats

LAS VEGAS, N.V. (January 4, 2011) – Somfy Systems, Inc., a world’s largest manufacturer of radio-controlled motors (Radio Technology Somfy – RTS) for interior as well as extraneous window coverings, is pleased to make known a launch of TaHomA®, the home industrialisation resolution that enables consumers to easily as well as well control their homes’ “appetite triangle.”

TaHomA begins with an innovative, affordable and easy-to-use Z-Wave home industrialisation solution which allows consumers to carry out, report and supervise their Z-wave enabled window coverings, lighting, as well as thermostats. Accessible from the mechanism, iPad or iPhone within or outward a home, TaHomA’s user-friendly Web-based interface guides consumers with discerning graphics as well as step-by-step prompts as they personalize their home appetite functions. TaHomA is the strong yet low-maintenance system which allows users to simply select their turn of involvement-as indispensable, when indispensable.

TaHomA will grow with a needs of a home surroundings and provide a Total Home Automation solution for the extended operation of lifestyles.

“With the launch of TaHomA, we suggest the singular and affordable tool which will help consumers grasp larger energy efficiency while enjoying the ease as well as opulence of home industrialisation,” pronounced Somfy North America CEO and President Michael Lee. “TaHomA presents a unsentimental as well as strategic prolongation of the stream commercial operation, as it seamlessly integrates Somfy’s existing pickup of trusted products that have been used in homes around a universe for decades.”

With TaHomA, users can efficiently conduct their homes’ energy triangle, or optimize a communication of healthy as well as synthetic lighting, heating as well as cooling according to their personal preferences.

Through the following reduced array of steps, consumers will fast and simply proceed enjoying a TaHomA technology:

– A approved Somfy TaHomA Expert play installs and tailors the operation of the TaHomA gateway controller as well as any Z-Wave as well as RTS wireless controlled device according to the consumer’s life at home and when away.
– When plugged into a home’s network router, TaHomA automatically connects and configures to a home network and Somfy’s remote support server permitting TaHomA to fix up all of the Z-Wave as well as RTS wireless controlled inclination.
– Scenes are created with a blend of various devices with personalized settings as well as pre-scheduled hours of automatic operation for any day of the week.
– Once a specifications as well as schedule have been dynamic for any of a Z-Wave and RTS wireless tranquil inclination in the house, TaHomA will automatically carry out these devices 24/7, 365 days a year.

Creating as well as scheduling “scenes” helps consumers simplify as well as optimize their home’s natural and synthetic lighting, heating, as well as cooling needs. For e.g., a usual stage competence call for window shades drawn to 50 percent, lights in a kitchen to be automatically turned off, as well as a thermostat set to appetite assets mode every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when a residence in unoccupied. Then, at 4 p.m., window shades will be sealed, lights will automatically turn on to 75 percent, and the thermostat will be set to the comfortable heat, as domicile members arrive as well as turn active in the home.

The TaHomA controller operates with Z-Wave enabled light switches as well as dimmers, thermostats, suit sensors as well as Somfy RTS controlled equipped with a motor window coverings such as blinds, shades and awnings. Z-Wave is a wireless ecosystem that uses simple and arguable low-power airwave waves, with Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), the company’s proprietary wireless radio technology embedded in millions of motorized window coverings around a universe. The TaHomA solution optimizes a most appropriate of both technologies as well as establishes the arguable network. The options for customization have been immeasurable, as consumers can select to carry out individual inclination, single bedrooms or regions, or the complete home.

Somfy brings TaHomA to marketplace with a support of its higher client assistance capabilities, as well as extensive network of Somfy Expert dealers across a nation. TaHomA will be accessible for squeeze in a initial half of 2011. Systems will be affordably labeled as well as can be purchased from Somfy TaHomA Expert Dealers via the United States.

To sense some-more about TaHomA or to see a full product proof, please revisit a Somfy booth (#21266 South Hall) at CES.

About Somfy Systems, Inc.
Somfy, the universe leader in production of specialized motors as well as electronic controls for residential as well as blurb interior and extraneous window covering markets, has North American headquarters located in Dayton, N.J. For more than 3 decades, engineers during Somfy have been designing products to motorize interior and exterior window coverings such as interior shades, timber blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, extraneous solar screens, projection screens as well as some-more. Somfy motorization systems are simply integrated with security, HVAC, as well as lighting systems, providing total home or office building automation. For some-more report, revisit HYPERLINK “”

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