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FlyRad Plus Skates Turns Your Body Into an Electric Bike

Posted in November 9th, 2010
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FlyRad Plus Skates Turns Your Body Into an Electric Bike

Meet the FlyRad, that is either the terrifyingly dangerous approach to draw towards yourself to your severe threat, or a fantastically fun approach to speed around on roller-skates. The invention is pretty most the single circle with the brawny electric engine as well as a handlebar. You strap upon your skates, grab a FlyRad as well as let it drag you off down a street during up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

The contraption, invented by German Thomas Rank, can be “ridden” in one of multiform ways, as you can see in a cheesy video next. There’s the yanked-along-by-a-jackhammer position already mentioned, as well as what I call a “reverse-cowgirl”, in that you put the steel shaft between your legs and let it push you from behind.

The third way is presumably the most interesting. There is a small seat nearby a wheel. You roost on this, with a wheel at the back of you, as well as a handlebars poking up in between your knees. A pair of pads under a bars afterwards rest upon your thighs, so you have been sitting down though taking your own weight on your top legs. In this place you can even float hands-free.

The FlyRad comes in three sizes, for kids, teens as well as adults. The biggest weighs in during 24 Kg, or around 53-pounds, as well as has a 500-Watt engine powered by the 36-volt battery. This is sufficient to keep it starting for up to 50Km (31-miles), as well as the frightful 1Kw chronicle will additionally be accessible.

I wish to have ago upon this, but I don’t want to get stuck 30-miles from home as well as have to draw towards the appurtenance a weight of a tiny child home with me. For a great as well as brave, a FlyRad will be accessible in early 2011.

FlyRad product page [FlyRad around GizMag]


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11-28-2010 at 11:43:21 from    

I want to inform everybody that you can use the “FlyRad” in 8 different driving position.
Two of them are demonstrated in this video:

Many regards from Germany
The inventor

4-6-2011 at 10:14:53 from    

The newes video !
Check out this link:


Have a great day!
The FlyRad team

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