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iPad Nano Gains Pause Button, Off-Switch

Posted in February 23rd, 2011
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iPad Nano Gains Pause Button, Off-Switch

Nano Vs. Shuffle. Photo: Luca Viscardi

Like the recovering alcoholic who wavers in between drunkenness and seriousness, Apple only can’t seem to kick a iPod symbol robe completely. Today, the software update brings new functions to a nap symbol on the square, touch-screen iPod Nano.

Remember how a little Shuffle mislaid all of the carry out buttons in a single era, and then had them restored the next year due to popular demand (or, more likely, flagging sales)? Well, a almost buttonless Nano didn’t even have to wait for a full year for things to get bound.

With today’s new 1.1 software update (around 100MB), You can double-tap a sleep button to play and postponement music or radio. You can also select to have a double-tap jump over the lane (this is a default — change it in a settings). This, along with a already present hardware volume buttons, equates to you can embankment those in-line controllers needed to use third-party headphones without starting funny. I have bought as well as mislaid the pocketful of these things already.

There’s some-more. Execute a long press upon a same button as well as the Nano will switch off. Previously you could usually sleep the little thing.

It’s a small thing, but good headlines. Now, Apple, about that iPhone. That has a sleep button too, right?

iPod nano (6th era: Software update chronicle 1.1 changes [Apple]

Photo: Luca Viscardi / Flickr


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