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Powertrekk charges gadgets over USB, regulating a single fuel cell as well as a single Li-ion battery (video)

Posted in February 14th, 2011
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Powertrekk charges gadgets over USB, regulating a single fuel cell as well as a single Li-ion battery (video)

Portable fuel cell chargers have been around for years, though any seems to have lasered in upon the singular critical peculiarity thus distant, such as a reasonable cost, an easy refilling intrigue, as well as the decent volume of energy — but never all of a on top of. Well, it doesn’t look like MyFC’s Powertrekk is the full package either, though it does have the flattering honeyed seeking case, that binds not usually the disposable sodium silicide container to generate a hydrogen gas (which then gets recombined with oxygen in a electron sell membrane to produce 1000mAh of serviceable electrical energy though also the 1600mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to a single amp of extract. This approach, you’ve got the backup battery if you displace your cans of angel dirt, and the buffer for a fuel cell too, permitting you to keep those volts in powder or electrochemical form instead of carting around combustable hydrogen — which is regularly a nice bonus when you think about it. Shame there’s no word upon price utterly nonetheless, though you can see how it all functions in the video after the break.

Show full PR textPortable Fuel Cell Charger Provides Instant Power Anywhere

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —
– PowerTrekk is a Fuel Cell Driven Power Source for Mobile Phones as well as Other Electronic Equipment. Unlike Other Portable Chargers, PowerTrekk Provides Instant and Reliable Power Anywhere, Making it Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Business Users in Emerging Markets.
PowerTrekk is the slot distance, lightweight horse for users who outlay time divided from a electricity grid. Providing present power anywhere, PowerTrekk uses modernized fuel cell record that cleanly as well as efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity. With its rugged, waterproof surrounding and strong record upon a inside, PowerTrekk is designed to compare perfectionist mandate.

PowerTrekk is the 2-in-1 solution which is both a portable battery pack and fuel cell. The portable battery pack can be operated upon its own as the ready source of power or storage buffer for a fuel cell. The fuel cell enables instant charging from the depleted battery state without ever needing the wall assign. Users simply insert a fuel pack as well as supplement h2o. To assign moveable devices – for e.g. mobile phones, cameras and GPS inclination – users connect the device to Power Trekk via the USB pier.

“PowerTrekk has the rival edge over normal moveable chargers. Fuel cell power is generated immediately as well as charging is not impacted by weather or a position of a sun, as for solar panels. Compared to battery powered travel chargers, PowerTrekk offers reliable charging as a fuel packs do not deplete as batteries do,” said Bjorn Westerholm, CEO during myFC, the company behind PowerTrekk.

myFC is a Swedish fuel cell technology association that develops solutions for powering moveable electronics. Having cumulative numerous patents around proprietary shape-flexible fuel cell systems with jot down high power firmness, PowerTrekk is a initial commercial portable horse using myFC technology. Since a hydrogen fuel can be granted from several pick sources, the system is “flexifuel”. The chemistry process is safe as well as eco-friendly, as well as a only by-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor.

Further information/images:

Worldwide launch of PowerTrekk during Mobile World Congress

See PowerTrekk at MWC in Barcelona, Hall 2.0, Stand 2F13. To report an talk, gratefully contact Bite Communications.

About PowerTrekk

PowerTrekk is the moveable horse developed by myFC, a fuel cell dignitary based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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