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iPad gets a Opera Mini diagnosis, we consternation what took so prolonged

Posted in February 11th, 2011
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iPad gets a Opera Mini diagnosis, we consternation what took so prolonged

Opera’s been operative the Norwegian charms upon the iPhone since final Spring, as well as it’s been flirting with tablets given CES, but up until right away the browsers yet to put a moves on the iPad. Considering how most it gets around, we’re astounded it didn’t occur earlier, though Opera announced yesterday which it would uncover off the new version of Opera Mini upon the series of platforms at MWC this year, together with Android, iPhone, J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, and approbation — the iPad. There’s no word upon what the iPad chronicle will move — or when, for that matter — but we’re guessing it will probably competition the same well-spoken zoom and multiple-page grid we saw previewed upon Opera for tablets. For more on the world’s many promiscuous browser, check out a full PR after a jump.
Show full PR textOne hundred million
Oslo, Norway – February 10, 2011

More than 100 million people make use of an Opera browser any month upon their mobile phones. According to the numbers issued today in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report, 90.4 million people now use Opera Mini every month and about 15 million people use Opera Mobile any month. In all, 105 million people make use of Opera upon their phones.

“Experts all have some date when they explain a mobile Web will overtake a PERSONAL COMPUTER web – we’re watching which passing from one to another now,” pronounced Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder of Opera Software. “But, rather than think of numbers, we consider of people. 100 million is a commencement of the brand new epoch for a Web. In a subsequent couple of years, hundreds of millions of people will take their initial baby steps online. They will make their voices heard opposite their country as well as around the world. They will not usually find new ideas, but contribute their own. We urge those voices and applaud those ideas. It is because we believe access to a Web is a universal right, and no device is more universal than the mobile phone.”

For a some-more minute overview of the mobile series, please take a look at a fresh-from-the-servers State of a Mobile Web report. Every month, we cover a mobile Web in larger item than any alternative association can. Visit to read a inform.

Opera shows what comes subsequent at Mobile World Congress

105 million people might make use of Opera’s browsers currently, though Opera Software cares even some-more about tomorrow. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, new versions of the Opera Mini browser upon Android, iPhone, J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian as well as even a iPad will crop up. The Opera Mobile browser will not be left at the back of either, with a latest version for Android as well as Symbian making their debut. Come by a counter to contend hello, check out what is entrance up subsequent, or discuss it us what you would similar to to see from us subsequent. We have been in Hall 1, Booth C44.

“Our developers have been hard at work building a mobile browser of a future – for both consumers as well as mobile operators,” pronounced Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We wish the browser to stroke lives in the suggestive approach. It’s a single reason we use often renewable resources to power Opera Mini’s servers. It’s because we have it light, so you don’t have to recharge your battery each few hours. It’s because Opera Mini and Opera Mobile can help operators revoke a bandwidth that clogs their networks. A browser might never shift the world, though we’ll never stop trying to.”

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