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Flash Player 10.2 sheds beta tag, improves potency with Stage Video playback

Posted in February 9th, 2011
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Flash Player 10.2 sheds beta tag, improves potency with Stage Video playback

Should you be one of those (sensible) people who don’t make use of program until all a Greek letters have been removed from the name, we’ve got a little happy news for you. Adobe’s Flash Player 10.2 has only exited beta contrast as well as is right away available for download to Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Its biggest brand new underline is a Stage Video API, that promises to drastically revoke a processor bucket of personification behind high-res video. It’ll need to be enabled by content-providing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove — all of whom have been already upon the job — though once that’s finished, Adobe says 1080p playback will cost you no some-more than 15 percent of your CPU cycles. Other new additions embody a single-monitor full screen choice for multi-display rigs, permitting you to max out the Flash video upon one panel while gripping a others free, IE9 hardware increase in speed await, and some nifty sub-pixel text rendering enhancements to have the web lives marginally nicer to look during. Hit a source to get your download upon.
Show full PR textFlash Player 10.2 is Here: Available Now for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux

Today, we’re rising Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We’re especially vehement which this release introduces Stage Video, a full hardware accelerated video tube for best-in-class, beautiful video opposite platforms and browsers. Additionally, this chronicle of Flash Player offers all the new capabilities previewed in our beta recover, similar to law local rodent cursors, multiple monitor full-screen await, Internet Explorer 9 hardware took off digest support, as well as extended sub-pixel digest for higher content readability.

In The City That Knows How, A History of Moving Images

Here in San Francisco, we’ve had the bit of tradition around becoming different how folks see the universe with images. In a 1870s, the San Francisco photographer named Eadweard Muybridge prisoner some of a beginning motion pictures. In 1927, Philo Farnsworth transmitted the first electronic radio picture in his laboratory on 202 Green Street.

And approach behind in 2002, the tiny group in San Francisco introduced video in Flash Player, bringing seamless video to 9 in 10 continuous computers – allowing video to turn an constituent part of a web. Three years ago, which group introduced H.264 video to over 93 percent of users, bringing immersive tall peculiarity video to some-more people than ever. Flash Player has helped emanate the pleasing web which moves as well as connects. Flash Player 10.2 continues that convention by introducing Stage Video: smoother, some-more fit, more pleasing HD video for a web.

Bringing Beautiful Video to the Stage

Stage Video lets websites take advantage of full hardware increase in speed of a entire video tube. This builds upon the H.264 hardware took off decoding in Flash Player 10.1. Stage Video hardware increase in speed equates to which Flash Player can play even aloft extravagant video whilst regulating dramatically reduction processing energy, giving users a better experience, larger performance, as well as longer battery life. In the contrast opposite upheld systems, we’ve found it’s up to 34 times some-more efficient.

Put another way, Flash Player regulating Stage Video can facilely play pleasing 1080p HD video with just 1-15% CPU use upon the common Mac or Windows computer* – working opposite platforms and browsers, it will capacitate the best video knowledge for the most people. Many millions of additional PCs, from netbooks to desktops, can right away become sharp HD home theaters on the web.

Note which Stage Video opening gains might not be manifest right divided. Websites as well as calm providers will first need to update their video players prior to users knowledge Stage Video playback with Flash Player 10.2 upon their sites. For developers, this typically equates to updating the SWF player file. However, no changes are needed to existent video libraries or infrastructure, and websites just continue to leverage Flash Player benefits together with unmatched reach, advanced streaming capabilities, DVR-like playback carry out, abounding interactivity, calm insurance, as well as coherence. Since acceptance of new Flash Player releases is accelerating, websites can design that many of the over 1 billion people with Flash Player will be ready to good from Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 soon.

Companies like Vimeo, Brightcove, Epix, as well as YouTube have already proposed work to enable await for Stage Video to broach extraordinary video playback practice. You’ll be seeing them capacitate Stage Video opening in a near prospect. And you can try examples of Stage Video currently after upgrading to Flash Player 10.2. Tens of thousands of sites will be enabled by a Brightcove player, as well as Jeff Whatcott at Brightcove explains, “Brightcove is continually innovating to broach great video experiences. We have been blown away by a performance as well as efficiency of Stage Video as well as we have been truly excited to be operative so closely with Adobe to move this breakthrough technology to clientele.” And Ryan Hefner during Vimeo records, “Since Vimeo’s users upload the lot of high-definition calm, being which HD is a default quality for videos noticed on our site, a decision to take advantage of Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 was the no brainer. We love to keep up upon the ultimate technologies, and if those technologies also raise the user knowledge for our users afterwards it’s the win-win.” Folks that wish to deliver beautiful, smooth HD video to more people than ever have reason to be excited, and some-more as well as more sites will capacitate Stage Video in the entrance months.

Additional New Capabilities in Flash Player 10.2

Along with the new Stage Video design, we’re adding features in Flash Player 10.2 to enable even more polished practice.

* Video during the most appropriate is immersive, so Flash Player allows you burst to loyal full shade playback with one click. With multiple monitor full screen await in Flash Player 10.2, you can right away simply watch your favorite videos in true full shade on a single monitor while you multitask upon an additional and get a little work finished (or not).
* Added support for law local rodent cursors lets designers as well as developers emanate their own static or charcterised cursors with silky smooth responsiveness, enabling richer diversion and application interfaces.
* New sub-pixel content digest enhancements leverage Adobe typography research to further enhance text readability, generally for complex character-based languages.
* Support is included for a GPU digest record in Microsoft’s arriving Internet Explorer 9 browser.

Today as well as a Future

You can implement Flash Player 10.2 currently. We inspire everybody, developers as well as users, to try it out and let us know what you consider. And cling to parsimonious for exciting mobile updates. We’ll be providing some-more report about the next Flash Platform runtimes – Flash Player as well as AIR – on phone as well as inscription devices at Mobile World Congress next week. We’re thrilled about today’s launch, and we hope you enjoy it.

Tom Nguyen
Product Manager, Flash Platform Runtimes

* For example, using Flash Player 10.2 with Stage Video hardware acceleration, we’ve tested the Mac Mini expelled dual years ago and the low-powered GPU-enabled Windows netbook personification well-spoken full HD 1080p video regulating less than 8% of a CPU; some-more absolute computers make use of even reduction.

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