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Google sum low-level Renderscript API for Honeycomb

Posted in February 11th, 2011
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Google sum low-level Renderscript API for Honeycomb

There’s no subject which Honeycomb tablets similar to a Xoom are powerful pieces of hardware, and it looks similar to Google will be you do the best to ensure that developers are means to feat as most of that energy as probable. A big square of which nonplus is the company’s Renderscript API for a OS, which it’s only now starting to detail in full. The big advantage there is that it’s the low-level API written especially for developers who are “gentle working closer to a metal,” that will let applications built with it (including games) take full value of the high-end GPUs and dual-core processors found in Honeycomb tablets. What’s some-more, whilst the API is only now being done open, it’s already been put to use in Honeycomb by Google itself — both the YouTube and Books apps, and a live wallpapers shipping with a first Honeycomb tablets were combined with the help of it. Head upon past the mangle for an additional discerning example — a brute force production simulation which involves 900 particles titling with the tablet — and look for Google to provide a little additional technical report and representation code sometime shortly.

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