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Mercedes F-Cell World Drive gets off to an unlucky begin

Posted in February 6th, 2011
Published in autoblog

Mercedes F-Cell World Drive gets off to an unlucky begin

Circling the creation on hydrogen power sounds similar to the bit of the plea, what with a lack H2 pumps and all, though Mercedes-Benz set off to uncover which it could do only which — with the help of the mobile filling hire, natürlich. It’s a F-Cell World Drive, as well as unfortunately, things got off to something of a bad begin with dual cars running out of fuel on the really first leg of the journey, one with Autoblog’s Michael Harley at the wheel, no reduction. This first leg apparently began with the outing down an unlimited bit of the Autobahn and, good, it seems a drivers of a cars motionless to see what the little immature B-Class F-Cells could do. The answer is 110mph, as well as of course relocating along during this rate of speed did little for their operation. The two cars came up 20km short of their initial programmed refueling stop, complicated right feet ensuing in consumption of 1.5Kg of hydrogen per 100km distance — roughly homogeneous of 45mpg and way reduction than the 71mpg equivalent a cars usually conduct. We’re told day two, when drivers kept a speed to around 70mph, progressed most more uniformly, with both cars covering their expected legs without emanate.

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